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Yoga for Pre and Post Natal

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Yoga for Weight Loss

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Yoga for Diabetes

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Yoga for Depression

Yoga for Depression ...Read more


Yoga for Infertility PCOS

Yoga for Infertility PCOS ...Read more


Yoga for Backache

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Yoga for Menstruation and Menopause

Yoga for Menstruation and Menopause ...Read more


Yoga for General Fitness

Yoga for General Fitness ...Read more


Upcoming Schedule For Next Batch

  • 16th Jan 2017 to 4th March 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Week Day For International Only)
  • 18th Feb 2017 to 2nd April 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekend Day)
  • 20th Feb 2017 to 10th March 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekdays Course)
  • 13th Feb 2017 to 31st March 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekdays Course)
  • 16th May 2017 to 31st May 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekdays Course)
  • 1st June 2017 to 15th June 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekdays Course)
  • 16th June 2017 to 30th June 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekdays Course)
  • 21st May 2017 to 15th July 2017
    Delhi/NCR (Weekend)
  • 16th Oct 2016 to 17th Dec 2016
    Delhi/NCR (Weekdays Course)
  • 14th January 2017 to 26th Feburary 2017 : Weekdays Course.
  • Venue for the YTTC
    Zorba the Buddha No.7 , Tropical Drive,Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road ,Ghitorni, New Delhi -110030, India.


This is a residential training programme. We provide accommodation fully equipped with the modern amenities. You will complete comfort at our Yogashala while residing here. The mesmerizing ambience will definitely give you the most pleasing experience of your life.