Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Training Classes in India

Yog Mantrana is offering programs of yoga teacher training in India to provide effective & comprehensive learning about the principles of Yoga. The organization is offering programs ranging from 200, 300, 500 hour, customized yoga to weekend training programs. The prime objective of these courses is to give full theoretical & practical knowledge about the principles of yoga. The course is comprehensively designed to provide full understanding of yoga from basic to advance level.

The training will enable learners to become Yoga teachers.

The Yoga training sessions are provided under the supervision of Yoga Guru Ashwani. He along with his experienced team teaches the principle of Yoga in systemic way so that students get full understanding of the topic. The analytical teaching approach is employed so that students get the best out of these classes.

Why One Should Learn Yoga

The drastic change in the lifestyle has given birth to various diseases. Some of the most popular diseases are diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, hypertension, etc. Yoga is an excellent healer of these diseases. It harbors various pranayama, asana and mudras. These help a lot in controlling these diseases and bringing proper balance in life.

There are several advantages that are associated with yoga practice. The first and foremost is that it removes the negative energy from the body. As per the philosophy of this science, these asana and pranayama helps in providing flexibility to the muscles, thus increasing the blood flow through the body. This eventually results in the improving of the health standards of the participants. So, one must come for yoga retreat and yoga teacher training in India.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses Details

These courses are specially designed & developed for those who want to take up this as a profession. Owing to the several advantages served by this ancient subject, the demand for the yoga trainers has grown manifolds. With this, various enthusiasts want to take up this as a professional to teach yoga to others.

In this course, comprehensive & analytical approach is adopted by the yoga experts to teach various pranayama, asana & mudras. Our experienced yoga acharaya infuse in depth knowledge in the practitioners so that they can perfectly understand the meaning of yoga.

We believe in infusing moral values along with the analytical knowledge in the practitioners. The candidates will gain the full concept about this subject & can easily take up this as a profession after the completion of the course. After the successful completion of yoga training, the practitioner will become eligible to teach this subject to others & will also become the Certified Yoga Trainer.

Yoga Alliance , USA Certified Courses

We are offering international certified yoga courses for the beginners, so that candidates can easily understand all the aspects of this subject. Our expert trainers will teach all the preaching of this subject in analytical & modern way so that the skills of the candidates develop from beginner to advance level. After the successful completion of the course, one gain capability to teach yoga in a professional manner.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Course in Delhi NCR, is delicately designed to impart knowledge about the basics of Yoga. In this programme, you will comprehensively learn the basics related to yoga in both theoretical & practical manner. Become a certified Yoga Trainer after this course. ...Read more

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yog Mantrana is a world renowned organization that is offering 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. The program is specially developed in order to provide comprehensive knowledge related to this subject. The enthusiasts will gain comprehensive knowledge about various mudras or postures. After that, they can teach this subject as an expert trainer. ...Read more

Weekend Yoga Training to Become Trainer

Weekend Yoga Training to Become Trainer

Yoga is based on the ancient preaching of Hinduism. It involves various activities that not only provides strength to body but also purify soul. These activities involves postures & movements that provides adequate stretch in the body so that proper flow of blood takes place. This eventually results in offering full nourishment to the injured cells, thus making you fit. ...Read more